About Us

Early in 2017, Director, Chris McFerran established CTech IT Solutions having gained over 15 years of IT experience managing and supporting IT infrastructures at various SME’s across the South East of England. The objective was, and remains to provide IT Management and Support services to clients that ensure their IT functions meet their business needs.

CTech IT Solutions pride ourselves on being able to deliver IT services with a degree of detail that means IT infrastructure remains reliable and efficient for years to come.

Our Approach…

We see it so often; a member of staff has an IT Support issue or query but because they have never met or even spoken with the people they need to get help from, they just tend to live with the problem costing them time which leads to inefficiencies with their work.

You will see from our Testimonials page that we like to get to know you and your staff so your staff are comfortable contacting someone they’ve seen or have spoken face to face with. Effectively we like to become ‘one of the team’.